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Day Rates

We understand that you might have concerns about whether your furry friend will enjoy daycare or if you're not ready to commit to a full package. But don't worry, because we've got just the solution with our convenient day rates!

Exciting news: We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new Intro to Dog Daycare Package! This incredible deal offers your dog 2 extra days on top of your free day, along with a special bonding walk with one of our attendants. And that's not all! Your dog will also have the opportunity to participate in an exciting enrichment activity. This activity is specifically designed to keep them engaged, boost their confidence, and teach them valuable skills like problem-solving, searching, and agility. This outstanding package is valued at $97, but you can enjoy it all for just $70.

Intro to Daycare
Meet & Greet (plus free first day)
One Dog Day Rate (5+ Hours)
Each Additional Dog Full Day
Saturday Rate
One Dog Half Day Rate (Under 5 Hours)
Each additional Dog 1/2 day

If your dog needs a daycare visit here and there, but you aren't sure if they need full-time care, we have a variety of day pass options available. Purchase your pack and schedule your visits on your own time.

Passes expire after 2 months of purchase

Savings per day
Full Day Package
Package Price


1 Dog 5 Pack
2 Dogs 5 Pack
3 Dogs 5 Pack
1 Dog 10 Pack
2 Dogs 10 Pack
3 Dogs 10 Pack
Half Day Packages
Package Price


1 Dog 5 day Pack
2 Dogs 5 day Pack
3 Dogs 5 day Pack
1 Dog 10 Day pack
2 Dogs 10 Day pack
3 Dogs 10 Day Pack
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