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Tail Spinz has 2,500 square feet of indoor space and 1,000 square feet of outdoor space for your dog to run and play!


Dog daycare is designed to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for your dog. Because dogs come in different sizes and with different personalities, we have multiple play areas. As part of your dog’s enrollment to Tail Spinz, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your dog as well as have our qualified staff assess your dog’s interactions with other dogs to determine which area they will play in.

Dog daycare is a great way to give your dog the exercise and attention he needs while you're at work. Each play area is supervised full-time and is filled with equipment, dog beds and toys to play on or nap. Rain or shine, your dog will enjoy a day of fun, attention and companionship in a clean, healthy and caring atmosphere.

As a dog parent, I know it's very hard to hear your dog isn't a good fit at our daycare. However, we have to be very selective about which dogs are suitable for and benefit from daycare to ensure a happy, fun and safe environment for all! Good candidates for daycare are healthy, spayed or neutered and well-socialized dogs who really enjoy other dogs and seek interaction with them at every opportunity. In contrast, some dogs do better being at home alone than spending the day in the company of other dogs.

Your Dog's First Day

We understand that your dog may feel anxious or nervous about their first day in daycare. We ask that you arrive before 7 am to give them a chance to get used to our staff and space before other dogs arrive. Please keep your dog on a leash while we greet you at the front desk and collect any paperwork you haven't yet provided (such as evidence of current vaccinations, negative fecal exam). You'll have plenty of time to ask questions and clarify any specific instructions about food, medications or other issues.

After a meet-and-greet, we'll bring your dog to one of our play areas that is appropriate for their energy level. Most of the day your pup will be allowed to roam and play in a large enclosed space, constantly monitored by caregivers. Your dog will have at least one rest period during the. Play time is also punctuated by multiple short trips to a fenced area outside for relief. This schedule allows dogs to actively socialize with people and other dogs without becoming overstimulated.

What is a Meet and Greet?

Because safety is our #1 priority, all dogs are required to undergo a Meet & Greet before attending daycare, or playgroups. A Meet and Greet is a series of planned exercises, performed by a Dog Trainer, designed to assess a new dog's potential for aggressive behavior. In addition, it serves to determine the current level of social development to ensure that the dog is not fearful and can play well with others, without posing a danger to itself or others. Meet and greets are 30 minutes to an hour in duration, and cost $20.00. Upon passing, you will get your first day of daycare for free.

Required Vaccines

  • Rabies-1 or 3 year

  • Distemper Combo-1 or 3 year

  • Bordatella-annually

  • Heartworm test-annually for dogs over one year old regardless of whether they are on prevention or not

  • Fecal test-required every 6 months

dog flooring

Play Areas

We know you love your dog, and we love them too! That's why we've designed our play areas to be as comfortable for our dogs as possible -- with state of the art rubberized flooring and pet turf to help reduce stress on their legs and paws.

Business Flooring Layout

At Tail Spinz, we want to give each dog the play experience that's right for them. That's why we have three indoor play areas with different sizes, activity levels and age groups so that your pup can roam free and be a puppy for as long as possible.

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