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  • Are there certain hours I have to drop off or pick up?
    Yes. Drop off is from 7-11 Pick up is from 4-7
  • Can I bring my sick dog to daycare?
    Please keep your dog at home to rest if they exhibit kennel cough symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, being overly weary, or having nasal discharge. Please keep your dog at home for roughly 7 days if your vet has diagnosed kennel cough. Playing isn't very enjoyable while you're feeling sick, and we want all of our childcare participants to have fun!
  • How old must my dog be to play?
    Puppies must be 6 months or older to come play at daycare.
  • Will my house trained dog be confused by indoor daycare?
    No. All dogs in our care get time in our fenced outdoor area throughout the day to encourage as much outdoor relief as possible. However, dogs in daycare may decide to follow suit and relieve themselves inside. Luckily, dogs quickly learn to distinguish between correct behaviors in different environments. To your dog, the daycare will be very different from your home in the way it looks, smells, and sounds. House trained dogs should have no problem remembering not to relieve themselves inside your home
  • Do you offer overnight boarding?
    Please get in touch with management to schedule an appointment.
  • Can you administer medication to my dog?
    Yes, it's a part of our dedication to maintaining their health. Oral or topical treatments are administered without charge by us. Currently, we do not administer injections.
  • Do I need a reservation?
    Yes. Reservation can be made on line or by calling or email.
  • How do I schedule daycare for my dog?
    You'll need to make a new account if you've never visited Tail Spinz before. Then, make your first reservation by contacting us by phone or email. After the first day, you can make reservations by calling, emailing, visiting a location in person, or submitting requests through your online account. Online reservation requests can be made by anybody with an active account. Next, decide if your dogs will attend full-day daycare and which one. As the Start Date, choose the first day you want to reserve. The hours are already specified as the open and closing times, thus there is no need to change them. You have the option of making recurring reservations.
  • Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?
    All dogs must be neutered or spayed by the age of nine months, by default. However, we are aware that the breed, size, and gender of the dog can affect the veterinarians' recommendations for the age of spaying/neutering. While the majority of dogs should be spayed or neutered between 6 and 9 months of age, we are willing to take into account any written suggestions offered by your physician about the best time for your dog's procedure. Delays in desexing will also depend on how well your dog and the other daycare clients behave in the playgroup.
  • Can I play with the dogs?
    It's so much fun that we wish you could! We cannot allow visitors to play with the dogs since the safety of the animal and our personnel comes first. However, you may find many of our gorgeous dogs at or on one of our social media accounts. 
  • What happens if my dog is hurt in daycare?
    During typical, healthy play, scratches and minor cuts do happen occasionally, especially with more active and spirited dogs. When necessary, our staff members are trained to administer simple first aid, and they will let you know if your dog needs attention for a minor wound. Although extremely rare, we will notify you right away to help direct care in the event of a more serious injury requiring urgent or emergency care. In the absence of you or your emergency contact, we will provide care as we would for one of our own dogs.
  • Will my dog have an opportunity to go outside?
    Yes, our location has a fenced outdoor area. We bring dogs outside several times a day for relief.
  • Why should I bring my dog to daycare?
    Dogs can play in a monitored and tidy indoor environment at our daycare. We offer chances for recreation, interaction, and fitness. When owners are away, anxious dogs are surrounded by professional caregivers who lessen their tension. Dogs who become bored and destructive when left alone at home are provided with a lot of stimulation and game possibilities. Your dog will return home happy and at ease, prepared to spend the evening at home.
  • Will you feed my dog lunch/snacks or administer medication?
    Yes. Medication must be in the original container. Please bring your dog’s own food or snacks.
  • Can I take a tour?
    We would love to show you our facilities. If you would like to take a tour, please call us to make sure someone will be available to give you their full attention.
  • Are certain breeds not allowed to come?
    No. We require all dogs to attend a meet and greet to determine if your dog is right for daycare. All socially fit dogs are allowed to attend.
  • Please fill out the off leash play application
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